ANQI LI : Best and Worst Foods for Diabetics

ANQI LI is a heath fitness & beauty trainer. ANQI LI says diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to commit to a bland and boring diet. There are loads of delicious foods that are safe and healthy to eat you may just not know what they are the best and worst drinks, grains, proteins, and produce picks for your diet, according to top nutritionists.



Eat Oats :


Quinoa :




Beans & Lentils :


Wild Salmon :


Greek Yogurt :




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ANQI LI : Best Headache Remedies

ANQI LI Shared Some headache remedies follow.

1. Drink water. It sounds simple, but many headaches are caused by dehydration.

2. Give yourself a scalp massage. Research has shown that massaging the the back of your head at the base of your skull can relieve headache pain.

3. Press the webbed area between your thumb and pointer finger. Lightly massage the spot for about one minute before switching to the other hand.

4.  Stretch. Headaches are often caused by muscle tension. Simple neck stretches like these could help relieve some of the tension.

5. Eat watermelon. Yep, if your headache is caused by dehydration, eating water-rich foods could relieve your pain by rehydrating your whole body.

6. Massage peppermint oil onto your temples, the back of your jaw and your forehead. Peppermint oil has been shown to promote blood flow, which might get things moving in your head.

7. Breathe deeply. When you feel pain, your body gets stressed. Deep breaths will help you relax and could ease some of the tension.

8. Drink a cup of coffee. Headaches are often caused by the expanding of blood vessels. The caffeine in coffee constricts these blood vessels, bringing them back down to normal size.

10. Drink ginger tea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that could alleviate some pain.

11. Eat something spicy. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper onto your food. Cayenne contains an ingredient called capsaicin, which has some control over our pain perception.

Try these things it might be help you for Worst Headache to know More

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ANQI LI : Best Snacks for Summer Outings

ANQI LI summer adventures comes a little bit of a challenge Which foods are best for certain situations.Under the hot summer sun, these bites will help you stay hydrated and energized during your day at the shore. Here some snacks are shared.

Watermelon :

Green Juice :

Lettuce-Less Salad :

Nuts :

Coconut Water :

Mint-Infused Water : 

Sliced Cucumber :

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ANQI LI : Wedding Bun Hairstyles

ANQI LI a bun is the most traditional and timelessly in vogue hair updo for brides. In those crucial 7 to 8 hours of wedding, you have to undergo many conditions like breeze, sun, humidity, sweating and above all, dozens of hugs by the guests.We recommend wedding bun hairstyles for you to such situations. Here Some Bun hair styles shared :

Bun hair updo is applicable for both long and medium hair to know more visit on :

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ANQI LI : Six Ingredients Help You Reduce Belly Fat

ANQI LI provides the Six Ingredients that Will Help You reduce Belly Fat And Get You Closer To Your Six-Pack these foods include:

Pineapple :

Grapefruit :

Celery :

Cucumber :

Beetroot :

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ANQI LI : Nails Care Tips

Anqi li provide some tips for how we keep neat and clean own nails.

  1. Keep your hands very clean

hand clean

2. Trim Nails regularly


3. Don’t forget to use base coat


4. Use moisturizes


5. Follows good diet for nails



6. Never put your hands in hot or icy water

For more tips about nails care visit on ANQI LI.


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ANQI LI : Tips For Healthy Eating

Anqi li provides some healthy eating tips.

1). Don’t skip breakfast : A healthy breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet, and provides some of the vitamins and minerals we need for good health.


2). Don’t get thirsty : We need to drink plenty of fluids to stop us getting dehydrated .


3). Get active and be a healthy weight : Eating a healthy, balanced diet plays an  important role in maintaining a healthy weight, which is an important part of overall good health.

4). Eat less salt : Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure.


5). Eat lots of fruit and veg :  we eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and veg every day.


Read more at Tips For Healthy Eating


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